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Application Procedure

The application procedure for admission to the IMPRS-Uncertainty is online. Since your registration as an applicant and your application form are submitted in one document, it is essential for you to read this entire section carefully so that you do things in the proper order. Please note that you will not be able to change your data after it has been submitted.

Please enable Java and JavaScript for submitting your data!

The Procedure at a glance

Here is the procedure at a glance. Read this before submitting any documents.

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Step 1: Submit Application and Registration Form

The Application and Registration form should include:

This is also the form you register with for taking part in the whole online application procedure. You must submit it before you upload the supplementary application materials, and before your referees can submit their letters. Once we have received your application form, you will receive a confirmation mail with a personal Registration Code to which all later documents must refer. Since the system does not allow you to save this form containing your data, and the completed form will not be sent back to you, copy it (e.g. with copy and paste into Word) and save it for your records before submitting it. Save any long texts separately, as they will not be fully displayed in your Word copy.

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Step 2: Submit Supplementary Application Materials

Use the Supplementary Application Materials form to upload the other documents required for your application.

The preferred document type is PDF. However, RTF/Word, JPEG and ZIP documents are also accepted. Your files should not exceed 10 MB as a whole. When scanning your documents, choose a lower resolution to ensure a smaller file size.

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For Referees

You have been asked by an applicant to the IMPRS-Uncertainty to write a letter of recommendation? Please refer to the applicant's Registration Code as stated in the e-mail you received from us. You may submit this letter of recommandation in English or German.

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