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International Max Planck Research School

on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World


Research Interests

Name, First Name Field Research Interests
Cantner, Prof. Dr. Uwe Economics Economics of Innovation
Evolutionary Economics
Industrial Economics
Freytag, Prof. Dr. Andreas Economics Allgemeine Wirtschaftspolitik (General Economic Policy)
Entwicklungspolitik (Development Policy)
(Internationale) Währungs- und Handelspolitik
(Intern. Monetary Policy and Trade Policy)
Güth, Prof. Dr. Werner Economics Game Theory
Experimental Economics
Kirchkamp, Prof. Dr. Oliver Economics Experiments
Levati, Dr. Vittoria Economics Public Goods and Social Dilemma Games
Fairness Theories
Bounded Rationality
Levinsky, Dr. René Economics Game Theory
Experimental Economics
Social Choice
Lorenz, Prof. Dr. Hans-Walter Economics Nonlinear Dynamics
Dynamic Macroeconomics
Business Cycle Theory
Mittone, Prof. Dr. Luigi Economics Experimental economics (fiscal evasion theory, consumer behaviour, mental modelling of uncertain events, intertemporal choices, cooperation among agents)
Public and Health Economics
Computational economics
Pasche, PD Dr. Markus Economics Behavioral Game Theory
Steiger, Dr. Eva-Maria Economics Law and Economics
Experimental Economics
Game Theory
Witt, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Economics Evolutionary Economics
Ziegelmeyer, Dr. Anthony Economics Social Learning
Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information
Endogenous Group Formation (Coalitions and Networks)
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Engel, Prof. Dr. Christoph Law Behavioural Law and Economics
Theory of Institutions
Petersen, Dr.iur. Niels Law Legal & Political Theory
International Law
Competition & Antitrust Law
Constitutional Law
European Union Law
Towfigh, Dr.iur. Emanuel Law Behavioral Law and Economics
Constitutional Law
Law & Religion
Political Institutions
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Noack, Prof. Dr. Peter Psychology Jugendforschung (Research on Youth)
Sozialisation im Familien- und Peerkontext (Socialization in Family and Peer - Context)
Bedingungen der Genese von Problemverhalten (Conditons for the Emergence of Problematic behaviour)
Rothermund, Prof. Dr. Klaus Psychology Motivation und Handeln - Zielsetzung, Zielverfolgung, Zielanpassung (Motivation and Action - Setting Goals, Pursuing Goals, Adapting Goals)
Kognitive und affektive Mikroprozesse der Handlungsregulation (Cognitive and Affective Micro Processes of Regulating Action)
Implizite Messung kognitiver und affektiver Prozesse (Implicit Measurement of Cognitive and Affective Processes)
Steffens, Prof. Dr. Melanie Psychology Implizite Prozesse (Implicit Processes)
Gedächtnisphänomene (Phenomena of the Memory)
Einstellungen zu Lesben und Schwulen, Geschlechterstereotype (Attitudes Towards Lesbians and Gays, Gender Stereotypes)
Busemeyer, Prof. Jerome Cognitive Psychology Decision Making
Learning Theory
Dynamic Models
Gigerenzer, Prof. Dr. Gerd Cognitive Psychology Bounded Rationality
Risk Communication
Intuitive Decision Making
Goldstone, Prof. Robert Cognitive Psychology Concept Learning/Perceptual Learning
Knowledge Representation
Computational Modelling of Mental Processes, Neural Networks
Katsikopoulos, Dr. Konstantinos Cognitive Psychology Heuristics
Mathematical Models
Decision Analysis
Schooler, Dr. Lael Cognitive Psychology Adaptation of Human Memory to the Statistical Structure of Past and Present Environments
Computational Models of Human Memory
Memory's Role in Judgment and Prediction Tasks
Todd, Prof. Peter M. Cognitive Psychology Evolved Decision Heuristics
Search Problems
Ecological Rationality
Glöckner, Dr. Andreas Social Psychology Heuristics
Decision Making in Individuals, Groups and Organizations
Connectionist Networks
Kessler, Prof. Dr. Thomas Social Psychology Relations between Social Groups
Differentiation between Social Groups
Motivational Processes in Social Groups

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